Clinical benefits of Omega-3 acid diet supplementation

Omega-3 ALA acids are essential diet components that cannot be produced by the human body. Linseed is their basic source.

Omega-3 acids have anti-inflammatory properties, they prevent atherosclerosis of the blood vessels and influence the proper development of the central nervous system and vision. Thanks to these qualities, they have found a well-established use in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndromes and chronic inflammatory diseases. Their supplementation during pregnancy, lactation as well as in developmental age is also of key importance. Poland’s population exhibits particularly high Omega-3 diet deficiencies due to poor eating habits.

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Cardioprotective actions of Omega-3 reduction in heart rate antiarrhythmic action lower blood pressure improved endothelial function increased contractility of blood vessels reduced platelet aggregation inhibited synthesis of proinflammatory factors stabilized atherosclerotic plaque drop in triglyceride levels increased HDL-cholesterol lower oxidative stress level