About us

Leenvit® – 100% natural supplements

Leenvit Group is an innovative Polish company operating in the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, functional food and cosmetics markets.

We are the owner of a globally unique, patented technology of isolating pure omega 3+6+9 fatty acids from linseed oil in the form of monoesters.

We create and help create new, natural products, enriched with nutritious ingredients necessary in our diet.

Production Process

Unique production process

The patented production process makes it possible to isolate the purest, concentrated form of Omega 3+6+9, characterized by a complete lack of toxicity and any impurities. Prior to the launch of this pure form of Essential Fatty Acids, the quality and safety of our Omega was confirmed by a positive result of rigorous toxicological tests in accordance with OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) guidelines.

Production Process

Full control of processes

Full monitoring of the production process allows us to maintain
a constant composition and high quality of our products. The production cycle is monitored from the moment flax seeds are extracted until the finished product is ready.

Each batch of purchased grain is thoroughly tested for the content of Omega 3+6+9 acids before being sent for extrusion. We produce Omega on our own presses, assuring the use of proven and fresh linseed oil.

We make certain that our product is natural, ultra pure and carries:

  • NO additives, preservatives or allergens
  • NO GMOs and herbicides
  • NO gluten, dairy, sugar, sodium, soy, yeast, sweeteners

Meet Leenvit® Products

Dietary Supplements

A line of unique, perfectly composed Leenvit Omega 3,6,9 supplements.
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Omega Spices

Six flavors of spices popular in cuisines around the world.
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