First Omega 3
spice in the world.

Till now Omega acids have been associated mainly with with dietary supplements or medications. We managed to break this pattern! By isolating pure Omega 3 +6 +9 acids from plants, we composed six popular flavors known in the kitchens all over the world.


Our spices

Leenvit spice is a combination of health and taste. It is a natural concentrate of Omega 3 +6 +9 acids, isolated from flaxseed oil. It does not contain gluten, GMO, preservatives and sugar. This is a vegan product.

You can add it to any meal by creating a unique and individual composition. Our Omega is a great addition to sandwiches, meats, fish, salads, sauces, pasta, dairy and other dishes.

Currently, our offer includes six popular flavors all over the world that perfectly supplements your daily diet in Essential Omega Fatty Acids.


What is BOV?

All flavors were created by combining what’s best in flaxseed oil (pure Omega 3 +6 +9 acids) with the highest quality natural aromas of carefully selected spices. Our patented production process has been carried out in compliance with quality standards, in an anaerobic atmosphere, and the final product was packed using BOV (bag on valve) technology.

The product is placed in a special bag and locked in a spray bottle, with no gas and air access. The bag is surrounded by compressed air, dispensing the spice when pressing the applicator.

This technology allows our Omega remain stable, with no access to air and light throughout its whole shelflife. It also eliminated the need for use of any preservatives.


Keep healthy and beautiful looks with Leenvit®!

Omega 3 fatty acids are crucial for our diet because they:

  • Are the building blocks of all our cells,
  • Help to protect the cardiovascular system,
  • Have a positive effect on blood clotting processes,
  • Support the nervous system,
  • Are necessary for the growth and development of the child,
  • Responsible for the health of the cell membrane that is the building block of our skin.

Use it the way you like!

Just spray the spice on your ready-made dish and enjoy your healthy meal. 2.5 seconds application will cover your daily requirement for Omega 3 +6 +9 fatty acids. If you want to add more… go ahead… our Omega is a vegan primary acid form – ALA, The Omega 3 family of fatty acids is converted, on demand and in the quantity required, into their derivative forms, EPA and DHA. There is no RDA for Omega ALA consumption, so nothing prevents you from seasoning your meal the way you like it. In the case of our Omega, the more = the healthier.


How it works?

We often eat in a hurry and do not pay attention to what we eat. Unfortunately, our current diet is very low in Omega 3 acids. That is why we have created the new Leenvit® spice.

Our Omega 3 +6 +9 spices with increased bioavailability not only provide essential Omega 3 acids, but also help restore the golden ratio between Omega 3 and Omega 6.


Our unique pro-health Leenvit®Omega 3 +6 +9 spice adds a subtle garlic flavor to your dishes, enriching them at the same time with Omega acids! This popular flavor will be perfect in everyday kitchen or during grilling. Our practical packaging will allow you to have the spice at hand, preserving the taste attributes.


Leenvit®Wasabi is dedicated in particular to Japanese cuisine lovers, but not only. Give the oriental flavor to your dishes and enrich them with Omega Essential Fatty Acids.


By adding Leenvit Chilli to your dish, it will aquire not only delicious spicy taste, but also Omega fatty acids, necessary for our nutrition. Two seconds of spraying is enough to enrich the dish with a daily dose of health. Perfect to add spice to your meals!


It will work with every meal. The dishes not only taste great, but at the same time provide Omega 3 +6 +9 fatty acids, essential for our nutrition. All you need is to spray the product over the finished meal and enjoy your health.


Curry is another flavor we have chosen for you. Add it to your dish to enrich it with the necessary Omega acids! Spray the product over the finished meal and enjoy health that actually tastes.


It adds boldness to any dish. Leenvit Roman Cumin is a combination of health and taste in one. It contains Omega 3 +6 +9 fatty acids, necessary for the proper functioning of our body.