We work in accordance with standards

In our production plant, we work in accordance with GMP/HACCP standards

Innovative products

We offer our clients assistance with creating new, innovative products with Omega 3+6+9 monoesters.

Complex support

We help our clients prepare and develop content for product labels in accordance with applicable regulations.

Product packaging

We provide services for liquid products packaging into various containers (bottles, sprays or BOV sprays, etc.) according to the customer’s wishes and needs.

Complete documentation

All our products have quality and safety documentation.

Why else is it worth working with us?

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Safety and effectiveness confirmed by research

Our patented and unique Leenvit® production technology ensures the isolation of most concentrated form of Omega 3+6+9, completely free from toxicity and any impurities.

Before introducing this fine form of Essential Fatty Acids into the supply chain, our product was subjected to rigorous toxicological tests according to OECD document No. 129 (ENV/JM/MONO(2010)20) at the Toxicological Testing Department of the Institute of Organic Industry in Pszczyna, which has Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certificates. ), namely Statement of GLP Compliance No. G 024 and Certificate of Compliance with the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice No. 4/2006/DPL 024, completed with a positive result.

Production Process

Full process control

Full monitoring of the production process allows us to maintain a constant composition and high quality of our products. The manufacturing cycle is monitored from the moment flax seeds are extracted until the finished product is ready.

Each batch of purchased grain is thoroughly tested for the content of Omega 3+6+9 acids before being sent for extrusion. We produce Omega on our own presses, assuring the use of proven and fresh linseed oil.

Production Process

We make certain that Leenvit® delivers:

  • natural and ultra pure omegas
  • NO additives, preservatives or allergens
  • NO GMOs and herbicides
  • NO gluten, dairy, sugar, sodium, soy, yeast, sweeteners

stays in the body for up to 24 hours

no preservatives and allergens

helps to restore the “golden ratio” of Omega 3 to Omega 6, necessary for best body performance

monoester formula

can be enriched with vitamins and coenzyme Q10

vegan and vegetarian friendly

safe – does not interact with other drugs

increased stability and durability of the product

zero toxicity

no risk of overdosing

covers 100% of the body’s daily requirement for Omega 3 ALA

Leenvit® Monoesters
Fish oil
Linseed oil
  • High bioavailability
  • No oxidation
  • Innovative esterification technology
  • Many fish oils undergo oxidation during production, which reduces their pharmacological activity and introduces toxic properties
  • Many linseed oils are oxidized during production, so their pharmacological activity is reduced and the toxicity is increased
  • No harmful, toxic substances
  • Fish may contain toxic heavy metals – mercury, cadmium
  • Many harmful substances, heavy metals, cyanogenic compounds and pesticides can be found in linseed oil
  • Rich in Omega, pure, natural
  • Fish contain neurotoxic compounds and trans fatty acids
  • The vast majority of linseed oils are obtained from low-linolenic varieties of flax

Leenvit® uses the natural esterification process of linseed oil in an oxygen-free environment to obtain the purest form of Omega 3 ALA monoesters.