We did it. We created a formula with wide range of application,

giving the opportunity to enrich other products with health-enhancing Omega 3+6+9 acids Leenvit E, with its unique properties, can be widely used in multiple industries: food, beauty, pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, household and animal (pets and breeding).

Omega 3+6+9 monoesters

Leenvit® are Omega 3+6+9 acids extracted from plants. Their origin makes the Omegas free from the unpleasant smell and taste found in fish oil.

  • A microbiologically clean substance – free from fungi or bacteria, both aerobic and anaerobic
  • Free from heavy metals
  • Since the monoester is neither fat nor oil, it does not affect the legal definition of products
  • Perfect for vegetarians and vegans
  • No preservatives or additives
  • High temperature resistant
  • Consumption safety confirmed by toxicological testing
  • Unique patented production technology
  • Use of Leenvit® to create a fortified product enables EU health claims related to Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Food industry

Leenvit® E is the first nutraceutical registered on the market as a food. It can be used to create both functional and health-promoting food.

It can be added to almost any type of food. The raw material has top bioavailability, stability and resistance to high temperatures.

Leenvit® E can be an ideal active ingredient in products such as:

  • Bakery (e.g. breads, rolls, croissants, baguettes)
  • Confectionery (e.g. cakes, cookies, buns, donuts
  • Dairy (e.g. cottage cheese, cream, cheese, yogurt, butter)
  • Meats (e.g. hot dogs, sausages, minced meat, cold cuts)
  • Chocolate products, sweets (e.g. chocolate, peanut butter, bars, muesli, jellies)
  • Food sauces (e.g. tartar sauce, mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce, mustard, ketchup)
  • For pasta production
  • To create functional and health-promoting food

Beauty industry

Omega 3+6+9 acids are widely used in cosmetics as a component of many formulations such as creams, lotions, etc, as well as in dermatology to treat numerous diseases. They are an essential skin structure building block of both the epidermis and the dermis.

Omega 3 monoesters have excellent penetrating properties due to their reduced molecular size, therefore they are ideal for use in dermatology and beauty industry. Creams with added Omega acids enhance skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Moreover, anti-inflammatory properties of ALA acids positively affect treatments of acne and other skin problems.


  • in creams and lotions intended for skin troubled with excessive drying and inflammation; creams before and after sunbathing
  • in rejuvenation products – monoesters of Omega 3 acids hugely impact the synthesis of collagen, responsible for skin elasticity and reconstruction of cell membranes
  • in after-shave cosmetics preventing skin irritation
  • as an additive in oil used in physiotherapeutic treatments
  • as a natural ingredient in hair conditioners
  • as an active ingredient in products supporting the treatment of dermatoses, i.e. atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, juvenile eczema
  • in cosmetics preventing skin cracking, with tendency to fungal diseases
  • in hand and foot lotions

Pharmaceutical industry

Due to the structure of their molecule, ALA acids have an extraordinary penetration and absorption ability.


  • in medical products
  • in dietary supplements
  • as a pharmaceutical carrier
  • as an additive to supplements and probiotics

Domestic and farm animals

The use of our Omega 3+6+9 acids in the form of monoesters has an increased anti-inflammatory effect, improves the appearance of the coat and regenerates the skin and hooves.


  • As an ingredient in pet food to provide essential Omega 3+6+9 fatty acids in the diet
  • As a dietary supplement or an additive to other animal supplements

Designed for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, canaries and other pets.

Farm animals:

Leenvit® E used as a feed additive, enables preparation of feed mixtures that provide farm animals with Essential Unsaturated Fatty Acids in the most accessible and assimilable form.


  • Feed additive
  • Agent for external use (for hooves, abrasions, combing and glossing of the coat/fur)
  • Dietary supplement or component of dietary supplements

Designed for horses, cattle and calves, birds, rabbits and others

Ozonated Omega 3+6+9 monoesters

Our Omega 3+6+9 monoesters went under the ozonation process, during which we obtained a new product with a wide range of applications. Due to its chemical properties, our unique raw material stores ozone several times more than olive or linseed oils. As a result, even small amount of ozonated monoesters of Leenvit Omega 3+6+9 enriches pharmaceutical or cosmetic formulations with large amounts of ozone. Our product is available in the form of a gel or ointment.

Benefits of ozonated monoesters use:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antibacterial
  • anti-fungal
  • anti-aging
  • firming
  • nourishing
  • regenerating

Beauty industry

  • Nail care products
  • Creams
  • Hair Care

Ozonides also deeply moisturize the epidermis and rebuild the natural lipid coat of the skin.

Pharmaceutical industry

  • products for skin problems
  • products for wounds and burns healing
  • disinfectants
  • dental industry

Ozone is applied in many dental specialties:

  • conservative dentistry (teeth whitening, treatment of dentin hypersensitivity)
  • endodontics
  • orthodontics
  • periodontology and treatment of oral mucosa diseases
  • prosthetics
  • dental surgery

In addition, ozonated monoesters help with reconstruction of the epidermis affected by the disease, e.g. acne, psoriasis, ulcerations and burns. Ozonides soothe the feeling of itching, and support revitalization processes of the skin and mucous membranes, also support the treatment of periodontitis and have a positive effect on the remineralization of tooth enamel.


  • Cleaning agents
  • Disinfectants

Animal industry

  • Cosmetics for animals
  • Products for external use
  • Dermatological products

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