Leenvit® Spices – Green pepper

The first Omega 3+6+9 spice!

BOV spray 150 mL

$ 34,90

Category: Spices

Omega acids were associated mainly with dietary supplements or medicines, until now. We broke that pattern! We isolated pure Omega 3+6+9 fatty acids from plants and formulated them into six popular flavors from cuisines around the world.

Omega 3 acids are crucial to our diet because:

  • Are the building blocks of all our cells
  • Help protect the cardiovascular system
  • Support the nervous system
  • Are essential for growth and development
  • Are responsible for the health of the cell membrane

Leenvit® spice is a combination of health and taste. It is a natural concentrate of Omega 3+6+9 acids isolated from flaxseed oil. It is gluten free and does not contain GMOs, preservatives or sugar. It is a vegan product.

You can add it to any meal creating a unique, individual composition. Our Omega works great as an addition to sandwiches, meats, fish, salads, sauces, pasta, dairy and other dishes.

We currently offer six world-renowned flavors that will perfectly complement your daily diet with Omega Essential Fatty Acids, while giving your meals a new, unique flavor.


Use as you like!

Spray the seasoning on your ready meal and enjoy a healthy tasty meal. Just 2.5 seconds of pressing the applicator will cover your daily requirement of Omega 3+6+9 fatty acids. Want to add more …go ahead… Omega ALA has no standard intake, so nothing prevents you from spicing up your meal as you like. With our Omega, the more = the healthier.

All flavors have been created by combining the best of flaxseed oil (pure Omega 3+6+9 acids) with the highest quality natural flavors of selected spices. The patented production process was carried out in compliance with quality standards, in an oxygen-free atmosphere, and the final product was packed in BOV (bag on valve) technology.

We enclosed our spices in a special bag and placed it a spray bottle, with no air or propellant. The bag containing the product is surrounded by compressed air, that is being used to dispense the spice when the applicator is pressed. As a result, our Omega remains air- and light-free throughout its shelf life, eliminating the need for any preservatives and enabling the product to retain its full value.

It will work with every meal. The food not only tastes great, but at the same time provides Omega 3 +6 +9 fatty acids, essential for our nutrition. All you need is to spray the product over the finished dish and enjoy your healthy meal.

It gives a distinctive note to whatever you cook and perfectly complements the taste of goulashes or stews. It is added to meat sauces or, to add a spicier element, to béchamel sauce. It also goes well with fish.

  • Pork chops:

Season, lightly tenderized pork chops with a little salt and pepper – fry on both sides in very hot fat until golden (in batches). Put it aside for a moment in another container and keep it warm. In the same pan, make the sauce: stew chopped shallot, then garlic, add paprika, mustard, sugar, green pepper, nutmeg, favorite herbs, add flour and mix vigorously. Spray Leenvit® Green Pepper on the finished dish to enhance its flavor.